Here Are Some Quick Speed Dating Tips

Everyone has their own breaking point when it comes to finding that special someone. For those unfortunate souls out there, it can be years until they finally find a partner- after all, there are over 6 billion people in the world, so the odds of finding that one person that’s right for you are firmly stacked against you. Many people grow impatient with waiting for meeting someone at a bar or at work, and so they start taking extra measures to increase their chances of finding love.

But what do people do when they just can’t seem to score a date or even manage to get someone in the sack? Online dating is obviously incredibly popular due to how easy it is to find someone that shares your interests, but we’re here today to give you some tips on a dating technique that seems to have died down a little in recent years- speed dating.

Speed dating gives you the chance to actually get out there and speak to people in the flesh, rather than starting a relationship with your computer screen. This also removes the risk of catfishing, which is a huge reason to try speed dating rather than opting for the online avenues. Here are our big tips:

  • Prepare Questions

The absolute worst case scenario with speed dating would be sitting in front of someone without knowing what to say. This would undoubtedly knock your confidence and you’d probably come across as a little creepy if you simply sat there in silence, and so we cannot stress the importance of preparing some questions enough. Write down a list of five or so questions that you can ask each potential date, so that you don’t end up sitting there wasting time on finding something to talk about- remember, the whole point of speed dating is that you don’t have long to make an impression.

  • End The Conversation

Such is the nature of speed dating, many people will find themselves in the middle of a sentence when they are reluctantly shuffled over to the next table. If you take part in some speed dating, you need to make sure that your timing is spot on and that you manage to end the conversation properly.

  • Dress Appropriately

Because you have so little time to impress a potential partner, it’s absolutely vital that you are dressed appropriately for the occasion. If you go too over-the-top, then the person sat opposite you will surely feel that you’re taking the whole speed dating thing a little too seriously. On the flip side, turning up in tracky bottoms and a dirty t-shirt will make it abundantly clear that you just aren’t interested, or that you aren’t dateable material. You need to find some common middle ground here.

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