Penis Sizes Around The World

For a lot of men out there, the act of taking their clothes off in front of a woman for the first time can be an incredibly daunting prospect. The thought of finally unzipping those jeans and pulling them down to your ankles could be enough to make your nerves jangle- and we understand that this is down to one very big reason.

The last thing anyone wants is to drop their trousers to the sounds of laughter, while a gasp could also be bad if it’s caused by the wrong reasons. Uncertainty regarding the size of your penis could cause a major loss in confidence, or a severe overestimation of your package could lead to false claims of an impressive manhood.

So how big should it be? Well, a recent survey rounded up the average erect penis sizes across the globe, so we thought we’d run you through the findings.

7 Inches: At the top of the table sit several African nations, with the likes of Ghana and Nigeria having an average penis size of 7 inches. Also included are several Caribbean countries, such as Jamaica and Haiti, who can also boast the largest average penis sizes in the world.

6 Inches: Next up in the pecking order and offering up some stiff competition, are Australia, Mexico and South Africa- with an average size of 6 inches. Flying the flag for the European nations are Italy and Norway, who apparently put us Brits will and truly to shame.

5 Inches: Situated nice and firmly in the middle, and therefore offering the most average sizes in the world, are the UK and USA. With an average size of 5 inches, you can now measure up as to whether you should be boasting about your John Thomas or keeping very quiet about it.

4 Inches: Just below the UK on 4 inches, countries such as Brazil, Japan and Russia offer a diverse mix of nations. But they’re not that far away from us, so there’s no need to poke any fun at any mates you might have from those areas!

3 Inches: Right down at the bottom of the list on 3 inches, are countries including India, Thailand and South Korea. So if you find yourself measuring yourself and you’re worried about clocking up just 3 inches, just remember that you aren’t alone!

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