How To Get Her In The Mood

There’s nothing worse than getting into bed with your partner and having a lot of blood rush to THAT area, only for it to turn out that she isn’t really in the mood. The result is half an hour laid wide awake as they roll over to get their forty winks, as we toss and turn trying to decide on whether we should bother getting up to take care of the problem ourselves.

This isn’t really an issue when it only happens every once in a while, but when it’s a common occurrence it can become a real problem- as this could be a sign that the romance is fading from your relationship. Alternatively, it could be a big indication that you might have let yourself go a bit, and so it’s only natural that your confidence will suffer.

So how do you make sure that you’re always able of getting her in the mood? It’s a good job you’re here, because we’re going to give you some top tips.

  1. Get Her Dressed Up

Think about it, if your partner is sitting around in their pyjamas, systematically munching their way through a big bag of cheese puffs, they’re not exactly going to feel in a very romantic mood. The real trick here is taking your partner out somewhere nice- something that involves them getting dressed up and essentially making an effort. By taking the time to spruce themselves up and looking as hot as possible, it’s only natural that your partner will feel much sexier than usual.

  1. Foreplay Is Key

Some people believe that foreplay is massively overrated, and they’d much rather just get straight stuck into the action. However, if you rush things and come across as overly-keen, then your partner will be much more likely to be put off the idea of having any fun, as you’ve simply failed to build up any feelings of anticipation. Of course, you don’t need to overdo it, and the last thing you want to do is go in too strong by sounding like someone fresh out of Romeo & Juliet.

  1. Use Your Environment

You might look around your living room and feel as though it’s a little cluttered or dingy, but it’s absolutely vital that you know how to create an atmosphere in your own home. Whether this is by lighting a few candles, sticking on some Marvin Gaye or by finally making use of the dimmer switch sitting on your wall, you need to do whatever it takes to use your environment and create a romantic atmosphere.

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