The 2 Big Escort Myths Busted!

Let’s face it- loneliness is never a nice thing to have to deal with. And yet people across the country subject themselves to evening after evening alone, simply because they just haven’t had much luck with the ladies so far. If all your mates are busy or in relationships of their own, then it’s only natural that you’ll start to feel a little depressed about the lack of company.

The best way to combat any feelings of loneliness or downright neglect is to pick up the phone and contact one of our fantastic escorts! The only problem is that many people are put off this course of action due to a few common misconceptions about the escort industry in general. With so much uncertainty involved, many people choose to sit alone all night long, instead of getting in touch with us here at Planet to give them a night to remember!

Well, we’re here to bust some of the biggest myths out there, so that you can feel much more comfortable about enjoying yourself with our escorts!

  • They’re Too Expensive

Many people are put off of picking up the phone to contact escorts because they’re a little worried that it’s going to be very expensive. When you consider what you’re paying for, we guess it’s only natural that you’d assume that it’s all going to be a little on the pricey side. But you’d be surprised at some of the rates that we offer here at Planet Escorts- especially when you see what our girls look like! By giving us a call, you’ll be giving yourself a night to remember!

  • It’s Something To Be Embarrassed About

If you’re sat there thinking that hiring an escort would signify the lowest point of your life, then you couldn’t be further from the truth. Having a night with an escort is a guaranteed way of having a load of fun, and it certainly isn’t something to get hung up about. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about enjoying yourself, and that’s exactly what you’ll do by getting in touch with one of our escorts!

Here at Planet Escorts, we provide the best independent escorts around, so please get in touch if you want to have a night to remember!


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