The Dating Trends To Look Out For In 2017

If you’re a single guy currently struggling to get any form of romantic relationship off the ground, then it probably doesn’t help when you consider just how much the world of dating will changes every year. Keeping on top of these changing trends can prove incredibly difficult, especially if you’re a little set in your ways and refuse to adapt to the changes in dating.

However, it’s absolutely imperative that you understand any changes, otherwise your dating methods will undoubtedly become outdated and ineffective, which will ultimately lead to you being single for even longer!

Here at Planet Escort, we thought we’d run you through some of the biggest dating trends to look out for in 2017, so that you know exactly what you need to do to score a little action this year…

  • It’s no secret that online dating and dating apps have been incredibly popular over the past few years, but we firmly believe that their popularity has well and truly peaked. Due to the fact that there are so many apps and websites out there for people to choose from, this year it’s expected that many users will become a little overwhelmed and give up on them altogether. When there are so many choices available, it’s hard for people to know which site is the right one for them, and so they don’t bother with them at all.
  • What with the whole of the British population being seemingly addicted to their mobile phones, it’s only natural that we’re sure to see an abundance of dirty texts in 2017. Well, maybe “suggestive” is a better word but, whatever the case, people are bound to find love through their mobile phones this year. It seems that texting and WhatsApp have become the most common forms of communication, so you need to take advantage of this trend.

If you don’t fancy getting clued up on any current dating trends, then take a look through our fantastic escort directories to find someone to have some fun with!

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